Q. What little things about living in Bangkok get on your nerves the most? (General complaints about people, traffic and weather have been skipped.)


1. Trying to ask taxi drivers if something is near or far away in Thai language. Glaiii? Glai! Glaaaaiiiiii?! I give up.

2. No more lazy Sundays at Flow House

3. Scrolling through Siam2nite’s gallery in terror the next day

4. Som tam mai ped being too bland and som tam ped nit noi being way too spicy

5. Trying to find a table in Silom at lunchtime

6. Trying to find a table on Yaowarat at night

7. Walking into EmQuartier and knowing, realistically, you’ll only be able to afford clothes from Zara, H&M or Uniqlo

8. Not as many adorable lizards in Lumpini Park


9. The fact that you have to give up your seat on the BTS to children of any age – despite them clearly having more energy and being more able-bodied than everybody else on the train.

10. RCA taxis.

11. RCA

12. Trying to keep track of where the newest rooftop bar is

13. When you’re wet from the rain and you have to get on the BTS


14. Or when you leave your super cold air-conditioned office and it feels like the sun is melting your face

15. The ‘salad’ that comes with every steak ever

16. Lack of bookstores

17. Anything to do with Siam BTS Station three hours either side of rush hour

18. More and more expensive cocktails bars calling themselves ‘dive’ bars.

19. Having to sign your name on every page of a contract. Really?

20. International school Thinglish

21. The fact that the Royal Sports Club – one of the largest green spaces in central Bangkok – can only be used by rich people

22. Wong’s Bar

23. ‘The Market’ – soon to be Bangkok’s newest and most pointless shopping mall, located opposite CentralWorld

24. Your kai dow mai suk coming to the table well-done


25. Making the same mistake over and over again when it comes to buying 50-baht knock-off Raybans at JJ for them to fall apart one week later

26. Indian food, in general, still being way overpriced

27. Khao San Road

28. The cashiers in 7-Eleven throwing plastic bags and straws at you as if they were on commission

29. The connection from the BTS at Bang Sue to the Purple Line MRT

30. People complaining about the connection from the BTS at Bang Sue to the Purple Line MRT

31. Silly listicles about Bangkok

32. Beer-bellied, topless pops casually walking around their family-run restaurant during dinner service


33. The moment of agony when you realize you only have a  1,000 baht note and your taxi fare is 50 baht

34. Your motorsai driver smelling of Lao Khao

35. Pedestrian traffic


36. A disturbingly-large number of animals now somehow on social media, with way more followers than you

37. Blogs about surviving on 100 baht per day in Thailand

38. Trying to find a hotel on Koh Samed for the long weekend

39. The toilets at Coco Walk


40. The awkward moment when you are stuck in traffic and your destination is within walking distance. Do I get out and risk being shouted at or do I stay put?!


41. Getting excited about Thailand’s national football team only for them to go and lose to someone like Qatar 3-0.

42. The many animal shows that are still somehow in operation

43. Driving past Klong Toey Market and seeing all the chickens awaiting their imminent death

44. The price of a plane ticket to Samui vs the price to nearby Chumphon

45. The terrifying English teachers on the huge poster next to Ploenchit BTS

46. Being able to afford to live at Sanam Pao or Victory Monument but not Ari. Isn’t it further away from the city center?

47. Fast and Furious bus drivers

48. JOOX’s mostly unavailable playlists

49. People you meet in your condo’s gym